a Sept of The Dalcassian of Thomond or The Tribe of Dal gCais.

Report: The Dal gCais Tribe and Their Clans Origin of the Dal gCais Clan of Ireland

         Description: The name Dal gCais originated from the larger population of Munster Déisí, who were one of several Celtic groups to appear in Ireland around the 5th century. These Deisí, or vassal group, populated the south of ancient Ireland stretching from Waterford to Limerick, and were divided into two separate groups, the Déisí Muman of Waterford and Tipperary and the Deisi Tuisceart of North Munster, who later became the Dal gCais.

The Dal gCais homeland base and royal seat was Thomond which is part of Munster, the ancient province of Ireland. It has been suggested that the Kingdom of Thomond was put in place by the prominent O’Neills to weaken the power of the Eóganachta, whose seat was at Cashel.

Dal gCais means 'peoples or children of Cas', who was a fifth century King of Munster and ancestor of the Dal gCais. They rose to power in the 10th century and produced a number of Kings including the legendary Brian Boru.

In modern times they became known as the Dal gCais or Dalcassian Clan or Sept. A clan is usually a kinship group or group of families. A sept is normally seen as a group of clans and their families who are descended from the same ancestor, in this case, Brian Boru (Bryan Boru) and the O’Briens.


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