a Sept of The Dalcassian of Thomond or The Tribe of Dal gCais.

Clohessy Crest?

This crest is the Clohessy one that has appeared more than any other during my research. Any variations or any documentary evidence connected to the origin of this or any crest you know of would be most welcome.

CLOHESSY & Variants One Name Study Discovering our English, Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian, Australian, South African & As Yet Unknown Ancestors.

Welcome to the home of the Worldwide Clohessy Clan.

Variants included are Clohesy / Clohecy / Cloghessy / Clohessey.

The site will feature as much Clohessy (and the above variants) information as I can put together, either from my own research or by using information supplied by you.

There will be family trees, census information, stories, photographs basically anything I or you can find.

If you are having any trouble with your research please send me what you have in whatever form you choose and I will add the tree and try to help with the research.

If you find reference to anyone connected to you on this site and the details are out of date or wrong please let me know with the corrections and I will amend them.

This site is new and by it's nature will always be a work in progress so please be patient and feel free to contact me anytime, you will find the link is hidden behind the "Info." drop-down menu in the top bar.

Robert Clohessy (current star of Blue Bloods)

Robert sent me this signed picture of himself at least 30 years ago. I have added his tree or at least what I know to date to this site.