a Sept of The Dalcassian of Thomond or The Tribe of Dal gCais.


:Blazon of Arms: Gules three lions passant guardant in pale per pale or and argent.

Crest: A dexter arm embowed, issuing out of a cloud and brandishing a sword pommel and hilt or.

Motto: Laim, Laider and Nachbar.

Translation: The strong hand uppermost.

Origin: Ireland.

With regard to Coats-of-Arms, I have received from the Office of the Chief Herald Genealogical Office in Dublin, the following note:

"It should first of all be pointed out that some works published in the last century contain arms which are not genuine. Clohessy would appear to be one of these. Certainly they are not recorded in this Office, and we are the ultimate authority on matters heraldic in this country.

Secondly it must be pointed out that arms are granted or confirmed to individuals and do not pertain to surnames as such.


Welcome to the home of the Worldwide Clohessy Clan.

The name Clohessy stems from the gaelic O'Clochasaigh meaning stone.

When the name has the prefix O it means "son of" or "male descendant of", but the name lost the prefix in the 17th century.

O'Clochasaigh originated from County Limerick & County Clare and the area of Ballycloghessy is named after the family. Although still dominant in those areas today the name is also found in Cork and Tipperary.

Throughout the centuries the surname has developed and changed resulting in many varied spellings, amongst them CLOHESY, CLOHECY, CLOGHESSY, CLOHOSEY, CLOSSEY, CLOUGHESSY, CLOHESEY, CLOHESSEY.

This site is the place to come to for anything Clohessy. The information contained here will be from my own research and anything you provide.

There will be family trees, census information, stories, photographs and everything else I find in my research.

If you need help with your research let me know. If you want your research added to the site, with full credit given to you, let me know. if you come across information about your family included on the site that needs correcting or that you want removing, again let me know.

This site by it's nature will always be a work in progress so keep checking in and feel free to contact me anytime, details are in the "Info." drop-down menu in the top bar.

A clan is usually described as a kinship group or group of families. A sept is normally seen as a group of clans and their families who are descended from the same ancestor, in this case, Brian Boru (Bryan Boru) and the O’Briens.

This is what I am hoping to achieve with the Worldwide Clohessy Clan and also Worldwide Clohessy's group on Facebook. I look forward to receiving your feedback, information and help taking these projects forward.


Arms: Azure on a chevron argent a stirrup between two hunting horns d'or stringed gules between three mullets d'or.

Crest: A hunting horn as in the arms.

Base: O'Clochasaigh

With regard to the above Coat-of-Arms a letter from the Office of the Chief Herald Genealogical Office in Dublin says the following:

", the arms in your document would seem to be based on the arms of a Yorkshire family called Close:

Azure on a chevron argent between three mullets or two buglehorns proper (etc.), cf. Burke's General Armory, p.205.