a Sept of The Dalcassian of Thomond or The Tribe of Dal gCais.

Clohessy Crest

The name Clohessy stems from the gaelic O’Clochasaigh which is derived from the Irish word Cloch, meaning stone. When the name has the prefix as O, this means “son of” or” male descendant of” but the name lost this prefix in the 17th century. They originated from County Limerick and County Clare, the area of Ballycloghessy is named after the family. They are still dominant in these areas today and are also found in Cork and Tipperary. This Clohessy coat of arms consists of red and white meaning military strength and peace. The red belt on the crest represents military honour. Throughout the centuries gone by the surname has continued to develop and change resulting in many variations including Clohessey, Clohossey, Clohosey, Clohesey, Cloghesey, Cloughessy, Cloghessey, Cloghesy, Cloghossey and many more.

CLOHESSY with Clohesy/Cloghessy/ and other variant spelling

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A clan is usually a kinship group or group of families. A sept is normally seen as a group of clans and their families who are descended from the same ancestor, in this case, Brian Boru (Bryan Boru) and the O’Briens.

Robert Clohessy

TV & film actor star of Blue Bloods, Boardwalk Empire, Oz, Hill Street Blues, The Avengers and The Wolf of Wall Street. He sent me this signed picture and note at least 30 years ago. His family tree is featured on this site.